Tottenham Hotspur is going to the Champions League Final!

I have had some time now to process the moment that brought me to tears today. Tottenham have been having a tough season, struggling with a tired and beaten down squad. Yet at the beginning of today Tottenham found themselves still with a chance to advance to a Champions League Final, which would be a remarkable feat for Mauricio Pochettino and his Spurs.

When the game first started Ajax quickly got out to a lead making the aggregate deficit seem impossibly large. At the end of the first half, the score on aggregate was 3-0. It seemed insurmountable. Yet, the second half seemed to give Tottenham more life, and they quickly pounced on the opportunity. Lucas Moura found the back of the net twice in four minutes, changing the complexion of the game. After those two goals however, Tottenham seemed destined to lose. Everything was close but not quite going in. Then in the last minute of stoppage time, Lucas Moura pulled out the sweetest of finishes to complete his hat trick and advance to the Champions League Final on away goals.

How lucky we are to be entertained by such brilliance. Liverpool yesterday did the impossible, and today Tottenham did something even more spectacular. It is hard to put into words just how gratifying this is. This Pochettino team has been the best Tottenham Squad in recent memory, and yet have not been able to get near a trophy. Now they are just one win away from the biggest trophy in Europe. 

Ajax deserve all the credit in the world for there performance throughout this season. They are an incredibly talented and gifted young side with so much heart and spirit. They should be proud of the season they had, and all of the players on that team have an incredibly bright future.

With that said, it is hard not to feel immense pride for my favorite team. Now just one game against Liverpool is between us and the Champions League trophy. June 1st cannot come soon enough.

UCL Draw Reaction

The UEFA Champions League Draw happened today and once again my beloved Tottenham are in the group of death. Group B consists of Barcelona, Tottenham, Inter Milan, and PSV Eindhoven. No game will be easy which should make this group incredibly exciting. Tottenham should be able to find there way into the round of 16, but do not be surprised if Inter or PSV steal a game.

Liverpool also has an incredibly tough group, with PSG and Napoli both in their sights. While I could see them winning the group, they certainly got a tough group as well, with both of those teams being stock full of talent and ready to win a title. PSG and Liverpool playing each other will be incredible to watch, both teams featuring high powered offenses this game should be a back and forth thriller. I like Liverpool to win the group, but PSG certainly have the talent to do so as well.

One group I am particularly excited about is Group F with Juventus and Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo will be coming home to play United and Paul Pogba will be coming home to Juventus. It is set to be a terrific game, and one full of electricity. The Ronaldo effect is real, and it is certain to make this draft incredibly interesting. Juventus have been in the champions league before, and should win this group especially with Man United’s recent struggles.

My pick to win the UEFA Champions League is Manchester City, which seems more plausible today after their group draw. With the likes of Shakhtar Donetsk and Lyon, it will be tough but City should breeze through their group. They have a team stock full of some of the most talented players in Europe, including the addition of Riyad Mahrez. Man City is the best team from the top down, and should be able to win in May.