Raging Bull & Mauricio Pochettino

Raging Bull – Martin Scorsese is a hallmark name in film, and it is easy to understand why. His films rage with a creative energy and harsh brilliance that is always captivating. In Raging Bull, Scorsese does a very good job portraying a boxer who is not a good person but you root for nonetheless. The movie is also less about creating a stereotypical boxing story, but about Jake managed to separate and destroy himself. The film is a bit slow and sometimes does not quite have the excitement of some of his other films. It is still a very good one nevertheless. A-

Yesterday, it was announced that Mauricio Pochettino would no longer be the coach of Tottenham Hotspur and that Jose Mourinho would replace him. When I first got into soccer, I fell in love with Tottenham. Players like Harry Kane and Son Hueng-Min certainly helped that process, but no one aided that process more than Poch. He was electric, passionate, and invigorated fire into a club that had not seen it for so long. When Mauricio was on the touch line, any game could be won, any night could be ours, and any trophy could be ours.

To me, the moment that best explains what Pochettino meant to the club was after the comeback against Ajax to send Tottenham into the Champions League Final. As soon as Lucas Moura completed a miracle comeback, he was on the field in tears. After the game he was swarmed and could not keep it together.

After the game, he could not contain himself. “Thank you football. Thank you my players, they are heroes.” The manager who had fought through so much had achieved the impossible, and it was absolutely breathtaking.

Yes in recent months Tottenham has struggled to perform. Fourteenth in the Premier League is inexcusable. This team is much more talented than that. No we have not won any trophies. However, that is the manager I will always remember. The one who never said die. The one who inspired his players to achieve something none of them would have ever thought possible. The one that dared to do and did so much.

I was so incredibly lucky to root for a team with Pochettino as the manager. He brought excitement, enthusiasm, and passion to every game he coached. Tottenham fans had a chant for him, “Mauricio Pochettinno, he’s magic you know.” It is hard to describe him any other way than magical. No matter the score, no matter the situation, you always believed you could win because Pochettino was on your side. I cannot explain how much I will miss that feeling. I cannot explain how much I will miss that magic. Thank you Mauricio Pochettino, you will be missed.


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