Film Blast!!

I have watched too many movies over the past few days and still have other things I want to write for this website and the Michigan Review. I still have other movies I want to see before I make my final list! So brace yourselves, here as your amateur film critic I will try my best to complete these tasks! Here are the three films I have seen in the past four days.

Annihilation – I saw this on the plane and yet I still was gnawing at my hands as the tension unfolded in the shimmer. This movie is a feat, a technical and storytelling marvel, one that seems to ask more questions than it answers. It is deeply dark and disturbing, and yet it is nearly perfect. It can be confusing, and my only negative is that my experience was clouded in plenty of “oh my god” and “what the ****” than I would have liked, but this is one of the most impactful films I have seen. There are scenes I simply cannot let go of, and now the song “Helplessly Hoping” has a whole new meaning. Simply put, watch this movie if you can stomach it. 9.3/10

Roma – While I commend Netflix for financing this incredible film, there strategy for releasing it simultaneously in theaters and on their service seems designed to lose money. Regardless this film is incredible, a small story told on an epic scale, that makes it perhaps the most remarkable thing to come out in recent memory. Alfonso Cuarón paints this film and this story with beautiful black and white, as well as unbelievable cinematography. The story, deals with not only the maid Cleo but also the men in her and her family’s lives and their impacts on them. If you can see it in theaters, you absolutely should, but regardless, this is a film that simply needs to be watched. One of the year’s best. 9.5/10

The Lobster This was a film I had read about and I had extremely high expectations for once I saw it on Netflix. Unfortunately, it did not live up to those lofty expectations, and perhaps that is part of my criticism. This film, about a society where single people have to go to a hotel and find a mate in 45 days, or otherwise they will be turned into an animal, is clever and absurd. It raises fascinating questions about the value of polygamy and monogamy, as well as what happens when society has an active say in what happens. My biggest problem with this film is its tonal register is confusing, and it simply just did not impress me as much as I would have liked. That being said, this is an experience that many will enjoy, and one I think for the right audience can be considered a masterpiece. 7.5/10

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