Baking Sheets are Poorly Named

This year of college, I have no longer been able to rely on other people cooking. Learning how to cook as a 20 year old is a unique experience, as it gives you a naïvety and perspective that those who have cooked all their lives do not have.

When reading through a recipe on making Brussel Sprouts, I was trying to find a physical sheet to put them on, not realizing that a baking sheet was in fact not a sheet, but a metal flat surface where things can cook. This is a folly.

Sheets are defined as many things by Merriam-Webster, but a “baking sheet” makes no sense. If we were to refer to a “sheet of ice” or a “sheet of rain” that makes more sense because the content of rain or ice is all that is there. A sheet of ice is composed of only ice, while a sheet of rain is composed of only rain. However, a “baking sheet” is not a sheet of baking, it is a sheet of metal that can be put in an oven and can warm certain foods. To me it should be called a baking tray or an oven tray. Regardless people of the kitchen world the name “baking sheet” simply has to go.  If you have any suggestions for names please let me know!

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