Storage Squad Woes

I have spent the last few days moving into my apartment in Ann Arbor which has been an arduous and exciting process. This process had its ups and downs, but it was made more difficult by the people at Storage Squad, a storage company I used to save money on storing my stuff in Ann Arbor.

As an out of state student at the University of Michigan, I cannot take home everything with me, which is why I needed to store my things with a company in Ann Arbor. I chose Storage Squad over others because of its fares and its box size, which brought the cost down for my storage substantially compared to John’s Pack and Ship. While that was nice, they showed an inability to communicate and give us our packages on time, causing for much time to be wasted which would have been saved with John’s Pack and Ship.

Storage Squad told us they would be at my apartment from 3-5 on Saturday of August the 18th. I paid 50 extra dollars in order to make sure the packages showed up on time. Not only did they never showed up, we were not contacted that they would be unable to make it. My Dad & I waited until 6:45 before deciding to forget it. We were then told they would show up from 2-4 on the 19th. We were contacted at 3:30 that they would show up soon, and it took until 5:00 for our packages to come. Despite numerous efforts to contact storage squad we received nothing from the company other than they were coming soon. We were told by the driver that someone called in sick and no one picked up the shift, but that was all.

I will not blame the driver, as it was one guy delivering packages all over Ann Arbor with no way to contact his customers, which is unfair. Storage Squad is supposed to be the liaison between the driver and the customers, and they did a horrific job. If you need to store things in Ann Arbor, do not use storage squad. John’s Pack and Ship seems to work best, as my roommates things are already in John’s Pack and Ship boxes waiting for them to arrive.

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