The Departed & Brett Kavanaugh

The Departed was added to my Netflix queue recently, and after finishing it for the first time I cannot say enough about it. Fast paced, smartly written, and hilarious one liners throughout. A story about two imposters or “rats”, one who is pretending to be a cop whilst spying for a criminal, and the other who is pretending to be a criminal spying for the cops. Their lives seem to circle but never quite touch, until they are met in an explosive finale. Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg are absolute standouts, as well as Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson. This is a movie full of complicated shades, so all I can say is go see it before I spoil something or say more. Scorsese is brilliant. 9.3/10

Our debate about judges takes place in the language of principle. We pretend to debate judicial philosophies, when we all know there was no philosophical objection to confirming Merrick Garland. We pretend to debate whether a given dilatory tactic is legitimate or not, when everyone on both sides of the argument knows they will adopt the other’s arguments the moment power changes hands. We strike principled poses about what the Constitution requires of the Senate or what the Senate’s precedents allow, because we don’t like acknowledging that the only real principle at issue in the Senate’s treatment of judicial confirmations boils down to power—who has it and who doesn’t at any given moment in time.

This quote is from a wonderful piece by Benjamin Wittes, regarding increasing partisanship and how that affects Brett Kavanaugh. I have tried to sound the alarm on extreme partisanship in the past, but this is simply much better than anything I could have written. I encourage you to read this and some of his other work, as he does a great job of breaking down numerous legal issues and gives terrific commentary on many of our legal issues of the day.

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