Urban Meyer & The MLS All-star Game

As a current Michigan student and fan of Michigan Football, albeit not as much as I used to be, hearing that Urban Meyer was being placed on paid leave certainly caught my attention. Urban Meyer was accused of knowing about abuse allegations from his former assistant Zach Smith as early as 2015, however he claims to have not known about until two weeks ago. This follows an investigation conducted by former ESPN college football reporter Brett McMurphy, showing pictures and text messages indicating Urban Meyer’s knowledge of Smith’s abuse against his ex-wife Courtney Smith.

When the Harvey Weinstein accusations were first brought to light, it felt like a tsunami. Quickly other men went down, and the #MeToo movement began. Louis C.K., Roy Moore Al Franken, and most recently Les Moonves all were accused of sexual assault in some form or fashion and paid or will pay a hefty price for their actions. While the allegations certainly look bad, I think it is important that the University take time to make sure this is true. If the allegations are true they should not hesitate to fire Urban. While Urban is certainly a great coach, the importance of the #MeToo movement is that there is a consistent line established for men who engage in this behavior. It will always be impossible to be perfect, however it is important that we strive to be as fair as possible when dealing with these cases and handle them appropriately. I have certainly disagreed with some of the ways people have responded and not responded to sexual misconduct, however I think Ohio State and the NCAA have an opportunity to send a message, and all things being equal if this is true they should fire Urban Meyer and everyone else who had knowledge of the incident.

In other sports news, the MLS All-Star Game was last night and I have two major takeaways. First, the broadcast duo of Adrian Healey and Taylor Twellman are the broadcast duo we deserved for the world cup. They had a terrific rapport that allowed them to give great insights while also leaving time for plenty of banter. They also were able to discuss the incredible success of Atlanta United without it becoming over the top or lionizing the fans and ownership. Taylor Twellman won me over with his post US Soccer missing the world cup rant (what are we doing?!), and his color commentary is simply the best the US has to offer. It is a shame only the MLS gets to hear it on a regular basis.

My second takeaway was how impressed I was with the talent on the field. As a Tottenham Hostpur fan I have been skeptical about embracing the MLS. However as LAFC has turned out to be an overnight sensation, and more and more teams get added to the league, I have begun to follow more closely. Watching the game last night, it became clear that the MLS is no longer the league where old players go to die. There is real talent from Alphonso Davies to Miguel Almirón and Carlos Vela. The pitch was beaming with talent, and while there is no question that plenty of work lies ahead, it was nice to watch how impressive many of the players on the field were.

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