In the Guggenheim Museum’s most recent exhibit, famous Swiss Sculptor and Painter Giacometti is shown at his most fascinating, bizarre, and melancholy. Giacometti never gave away his answers, and much of his work had to do with how bodies interact in certain spaces. What I loved learning about was how the Second World War Changed his perspective on his art, and caused him to use his fascination of people in spaces towards an affect of isolation.

His art began to make me think about how art can change in so many ways. Many paintings and art seem to want to tell you everything and give you a definite sense of meaning and purpose. Other pieces of art are more of a personal experience. While you can guess what Giacometti meant, at times it is simply hard to know what he is referring to or what he is trying to get the viewer to see. This in a sense makes his work more fascinating, as so much of his work is contingent on how the viewers look at the art themselves. It is a fascinating exhibit that is absolutely worth checking out.

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