This American Life Does it Again

In This American Life’s latest episode “ICE Capades,” reporters Naida Reiman, Jeremy Raff, and Miki Meek break down the U.S. Immigrations and Custom Enforcement Agency and some of its most fascinating tales and stories. Act two of the episode, titled “The Iceman,” is particularly striking as it describes an investigation in which ICE and undocumented immigrants united in an investigation to stop Patria Zuniga, who posed as an immigration attorney in order to extort money from undocumented immigrants.

This story helps bring to light the agency that has been a subject of political ire as of late. It also helps show its importance as an investigative agency, which is often overlooked in favor of the separation of families. I am by no means condoning the separation of families, however this is not the necessarily the agency’s most important function. Eliminating the agency could hurt serious investigation’s all across the country, and should be thought about seriously before just supporting its elimination.

Often in political discourse today, there is no thought of having a nuanced discussion. Instead many prefer to just force their own opinion on others and condemn those who do not subscribe to their beliefs. I hope that before more pieces of legislation are introduced about this topic, people have a serious discussion about whether or not eliminating the agency will actually have positive benefits in the long run.

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