Fascinating Article on the Straw Ban

A fascinating article by Alice Wong discusses the ban on plastic straws.

“People have told me online that I still have access to biodegradable straws at Starbucks, despite my reasons for using plastic ones. People have told me to bring my own reusable straws without thinking about the extra work that entails. Why would a disabled customer have to bring something in order to drink while non-disabled people have the convenience and ability to use what is provided for free? This is neither just, equitable, nor hospitable.”

I have never even thought about this argument in terms of eliminating plastic straws. This argument of inclusiveness is used generally used by those who lean more liberal, however many of those same people would probably support the same ban on plastic straws. Extremely thought provoking and definitely worth a read for people of all political persuasions.

via Tyler Cowen

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